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Small Business Community: What Happened to Mom and Pop?

Small Business Community: What Happened to Mom and Pop?

Small businesses have been the leading job creators in California since the last recession. With many vital community-based and small businesses forced to shut down during the pandemic—restaurants, gyms, salons, theaters—how does that change the economic profile of many neighborhoods and downtowns? California will have to sustain an ecosystem to develop, grow, and sustain these businesses to ensure our communities continue to grow and remain desirable places to work and live. What must be done on both a state and local level to not only bring these businesses back but also ensure they remain the cornerstone of our local communities?


Nigel Duara
Author, CalMatters


Lenore Estrada
Small Business Owner

Isabella Casillas Guzman
Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

Eugene Cornelius, Jr.
Senior Director, Center for Regional Economics and California Center

Carolina Martinez
CEO, California Microenterprise Organization

Mark J. Robertson, Sr.
President and CEO, Pacific Coast Regional