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October 18 at 12:45 pm PDT / 3:45 pm EDT

After more than a year of technological and societal disruption, there is no "normal" to return to. Organizations and customers have adjusted their daily work and life by embracing technology and the convenience of everything digital. But this convenience has also brought challenges to many small and medium-sized businesses, who had to adapt, compete for talent, and find capital in times of great need. At the same time, how can large enterprises adapt to the new paradigm of virtual sales and service? And with technology no longer a convenience but a necessity, can we find ways to strengthen communities, businesses, and the economy? Join us for a cross-sector conversation about transforming today's uncertainties into tomorrow's opportunities for these vital enterprises that are the backbone of the economy.

Introduction By

Michael Klowden
CEO, Milken Institute


Andy Serwer
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance


Isabel Casillas Guzman
27th Administrator, US Small Business Administration

Dan Houston
Chairman, President and CEO, Principal Financial Group

Ravi Kumar
President, Infosys Limited

Charles Scharf
CEO, Wells Fargo