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Building Community Wealth: How Can We Meet the Moment

Building Community Wealth: How Can We Meet the Moment

The COVID-19 crisis has reconfirmed the vital role of the $4 trillion state and local finance sector as the critical delivery system for equitable development and essential services, including public safety, infrastructure, and education. But how can innovators, investors, and issuers in public finance scale up equitable and innovative solutions in the decade ahead while managing future risks and economic disruption? This plenary panel will define the landscape ahead for effective strategic interventions and cross-sectoral partnerships that deliver outcomes that matter to underserved communities in greatest need.


Margot Brandenburg
Senior Program Officer, Mission Investments, Ford Foundation


Natalie Foster
Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Economic Security Project; Fellow, Future of Work Initiative, Aspen Institute

Shawn Wooden
Treasurer, State of Connecticut