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Blockchain technology is a prime example of Finfrastructure: the intersection of FinTech and infrastructure. The internet we know today has been built on a global network of servers, fiber optics, and electrical grids that leverage private and public finance. As the internet economy deploys blockchain technology, decentralized cryptographic ledgers will serve as another key infrastructural component in the emerging Web3. Already we are seeing mayors, municipalities, and states leveraging blockchain technology for data storage, identity, and public services. In this session we will explore how this new technology will be governed, how can blockchains be operated sustainably, what unexpected public use cases are emerging for Web3. We will hear from global blockchain innovators, thought leaders, and regulators.


Nicole Valentine
FinTech Director, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute


Michael Arrington
CEO, Arrington Capital

Osho Jha
Co-Founder and CEO, dClimate

Jaime Leverton
CEO, Hut 8 Mining