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Opportunistic credit offers outsized returns, yet it is also more sensitive to credit cycles, which means that it requires investors with experience and a unique skillset. With interest-rate hikes imminent and economic growth expected to slow because of a variety of global supply chain issues, how are distressed debt and special-situations investors navigating these market conditions? What strategies are they using to minimize their exposure to defaults? Is there a risk of overreacting?


Erik Schatzker
Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Businessweek


Glenn August
Founder and CEO, Oak Hill Advisors, L.P.

Ben Black
Founder and Managing Partner, Fortinbras Enterprises LP

Elizabeth Burton
Chief Investment Officer, Employees' Retirement System of the State of Hawaii

Victor Khosla
Founder and Chief Investment Officer, SVPGlobal

Andrew Milgram
Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Marblegate Asset Management