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Tech Regulation Tracker and Digest

Tech Regulation Tracker and Digest

Over the last few years, Big Tech companies have gained a lot of attention from regulators and legislators on data privacy, antitrust, cybersecurity and financial stability issues. The recent pandemic highlighted other tech-related issues, such as the digital divide, racial equity, freedom of speech and the need for international technology governance. Since late 2022, concerns surrounding generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) have joined the mainstream tech-related regulatory discussions. 

In the report “Share the Data: Overcoming Trade-Offs in Tech Regulation” we discuss how cross-border consistency in data sharing standards, combining data portability, platforms’ interoperability, and data reciprocity, could restore consumer choice and strengthen competition. We outline how giving consumers greater opportunities to control their data can mitigate concerns related to antitrust, financial stability, and privacy.

As a complement, the tech regulation tracker and bi-monthly digest document the most important tech-related regulatory developments in China, Europe, & U.S.

Key Tech-Related Regulatory Developments in China, Europe, and the U.S.

Tech Regulation Digest