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Global Opportunity Index 2021 White Paper

The Global Opportunity Index assesses countries' attractiveness to international investors using a combination of economic, financial, institutional, and regulatory factors. These factors are divided into the following five categories:

  • Business Perception measures the constraints facing businesses and the ease for businesses to resolve disputes.

  • Economic Fundamentals captures a country's macroeconomic outlook, workforce talent, and potential for future innovation and development.

  • Financial Services measures the depth and breadth of a country's access to financial services.

  • Institutional Framework captures the extent to which a country's institutions help or hinder business activity.

  • International Standards & Policy measures how integrated a country is within the international community and the likelihood they will conform to international standards.

The interactive map below gives users the ability to compare how a country performs at the category level with their peers—determined by geographic region and income level.

Our map also includes historical Global Opportunity Index data, giving users the ability to track a country/region’s performance over the last five years (2017-2021). While the variables have changed over time to keep up with the expectations of the investment community, the underlying purpose of the ranking has remained the same.

Find Your Country Using the Interactive Map