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Advancing Innovative Treatments for Mental Health Care

More than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime. There is a tremendous gap between the number of Americans struggling with a mental health condition and those who seek and are able to obtain support and treatment. Furthermore, those treatments can often be costly or difficult to access and might only address symptoms, rather than the underlying causes of mental health conditions. Breaking down barriers to quality, accessible, affordable mental health care by advancing innovation and adopting a whole-person approach to address root causes can revolutionize the mental health treatment landscape. Examining opportunities for investment, policy change, and innovation can provide a roadmap for improving mental health outcomes and fostering a healthier society.

This timely report:

  • Examines key barriers that have stymied mental health treatment options, including stigma, inequitable resources, inequitable access, and both financial and regulatory hurdles. 

  • Outlines action steps for four key stakeholders, including health care providers, investors in mental health treatments, policymakers, and tele- and digital health services, to dismantle these barriers and close the mental health treatment gap.

  • Is the result of analysis of insights and lessons learned informed by expert interviews, survey results, and secondary research.