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Inclusive Capitalism: Seven Strategies for Specific Action in Asset Management

The executive summary of the Milken Institute’s upcoming report, Inclusive Capitalism: Seven Strategies for Specific Action in Asset Management, builds on the four core components for inclusive capitalism identified in The Path to Inclusive Capitalism: An Asset Owner Guide for Investment Portfolios—(1) incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into governance, (2) sourcing diverse talent, (3) underwriting equitably, and (4) committing to equitable monitoring and engagement.

Each of the seven strategies the report establishes will address the only 1.4 percent representation of Black, Indigenous, and people of color in an $86 trillion-dollar industry. The strategies the team identifies are:

  1. Standardize a government diversity pledge,

  2. Accommodate early-stage funds,

  3. Create a scorecard for impact investing,

  4. Reconsider the talent pipeline,

  5. Mentor and track,

  6. Redirect data and metrics to give researchers specific guidance, and

  7. Convene diverse networks intentionally.