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Global Opportunity Index 2023: Focus on Emerging Middle-Income G20

The 2023 Global Opportunity Index (GOI) report focuses on Emerging Middle Income G20 countries, including India, Indonesia, Argentina, Turkey, and China. Five years after the first GOI report focusing on Emerging G20 countries, the 2023 GOI report provides a nuanced assessment of these countries’ performance and ability to attract current and future international investment.

Our analysis draws several insights by leveraging the width and depth of the GOI; its five categories and 14 subcategories focus on critical aspects of a country beyond its economy, such as its regulatory framework, the efficiency of its administrative process, labor force’s skill level, pollution, digital infrastructure, access to capital, and more.

The overall GOI rank tracks countries’ performance using indicators falling into five categories:

  • Business Perception measures the constraints facing businesses and the ease for businesses to resolve disputes.

  • Economic Fundamentals capture a country’s macroeconomic outlook and potential for future development.

  • Financial Services measure a country’s access to financial services.

  • Institutional Framework captures the extent to which a country’s institutions help or hinder business activity.

  • International Standards and Policy measures how integrated a country are within the international community.

The full GOI rankings of the 124 countries considered this year can be viewed on our interactive map page.