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Learning from COVID-19: Reimagining Public-Private Partnerships in Public Health

The Milken Institute Center for Public Health leveraged our network of thought leaders to maximize learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic, focused on examining the private sector’s role and responsibility in supporting public health. This report uncovers and spotlights innovative and collaborative partnerships that emerged in response to the crisis and offers recommendations to promote and protect public health so that they can be leveraged for the future, both in times of crisis and non-emergencies.  
In this report, the Center for Public Health calls for a new model of partnerships focused on Partnerships for Public Purpose that emphasizes sustainable, systemic public impact over the collaborators’ sectors. Through a landscape analysis and discussions with 32 thought leaders, we uncovered three opportunity areas for future focus to strengthen, protect, and sustain public health:

  1. Human capital

  2. Logistics

  3. Data infrastructure

Case studies of each area highlighting best practices and insights demonstrate tangible benefits from employing partnerships that emphasize accountability for the public good and provide a path forward for how to actualize this evolved model.