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Best-Performing Cities and Microbusiness Activity: Exploring Policy Implications of Online Economies

This report combines results from the Best-Performing Cities 2022 (BPC) index and GoDaddy’s Microbusiness Activity Index (MAI), examining what may be happening in the economies of a selection of cities in the two rankings. Essentially, we look at the impact microbusinesses may have on the economies and how that activity may be captured in BPC, ultimately better understanding what is happening in these local economies. A particularly notable finding was the pivotal role broadband infrastructure can have in promoting economic opportunities and unleashing the entrepreneurial potential within local economies.

BPC and MAI serve as an aid to policymakers, the business community, and the nonprofit sector, helping facilitate the best evidence-based decisions that elevate the prosperity and well-being of their regions and communities. The findings can help policymakers and local leaders better understand economic trends and better design programs with the circumstances of their unique economies in mind.