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Institutional Investors Balancing Risk and Return

2024 Global Conference

Institutional Investors Balancing Risk and Return

Monday, May 6, 2024
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM PDT

Pricing material risks into asset class allocation is a standard practice across industries. Over the past decade, these factors have expanded to include climate risks like natural disasters as well as social risks like migration and labor. A 2023 FTSE Russell survey of 350 asset owners globally indicated that approximately eighty percent have implemented or are considering implementing sustainability considerations in their investment strategies. More than half say they are responding to demands from stakeholders and/or are adopting a strategy to mitigate long-term risks. Between the SEC’s regulations requiring publicly listed companies to report climate-related financial impact and the EU’s climate disclosure requirements, how are institutional investors shifting their investment priorities and allocations to meet fiduciary duties while also addressing climate and social risks? Is the current ESG framework still sufficient? How are investors navigating a political landscape that is now more critical of ESG integration? Are asset owners uncovering opportunities to maintain diverse and balanced portfolios?

Cara Williams
Global Head of ESG, Climate and Sustainability, Mercer
Ahmed Saeed Al Calily
Chief Strategy and Risk Officer, Mubadala Investment Company
Hershel Harper
Chief Investment Officer, UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Derek Rozycki
Executive Director, Head of Responsible Investing, Mubadala Investment Company
Andrew Siwo
Head of Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions, New York State Common Retirement Fund
Carine Smith Ihenacho
Chief Governance and Compliance Officer, Norges Bank Investment Management
Rossitsa Stoyanova
Chief Investment Officer, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario