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Part 2: Countering Warning Signs

2024 Global Conference

Part 2: Countering Warning Signs

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
08:50 AM - 09:30 AM PDT

The future financial conditions and overall health of the US economy remain an open-ended question with direct implications on global financial markets. Following the steep acceleration of inflation and the US Federal Reserve’s tightening policy, persistent predictions of a recession, with mixed reviews on severity, have kept market participants on edge. The Fed’s upcoming interest rate policies and accompanying economic policies will determine the investment environment ahead. Just as diversification across geographies and asset classes is crucial for mitigating over concentrated exposure, how should investors be safeguarding against systemic risks while capitalizing on opportunities through the increasingly polarized economic cycles? How is the US economy’s path influencing global markets? Will the alternative markets play an even bigger role in the portfolios of the future?

Josh Barro
Writer and Podcast Host, Very Serious
Mark Lindbloom
Head of Broad Markets, Western Asset
Raymond McGuire
President, Lazard
Asutosh Padhi
Senior Partner, North American Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company
Seema Shah
Chief Global Strategist, Principal Asset Management
Jeffrey Solomon
President, TD Cowen