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US Economic Growth: Towards a New Consensus

2024 Global Conference

US Economic Growth: Towards a New Consensus

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PDT

The global economy is entering a new and more volatile era shaped by geopolitical tensions, the climate crisis, and groundbreaking technological advancements. Despite partisan divisions, a new consensus for action is emerging to enhance growth, innovation, and resilience by unlocking private capital through transformational public sector investments and advancing community-level, bottom-up solutions to pressing challenges. In this session, cross-sectoral leaders will share their perspectives on how to bridge divides though sustainable and inclusive growth and discuss key findings from a major new report from the Milken Institute and the Harris Poll on the emerging consensus for 21st century economic competitiveness.

Karen Kornbluh
Senior Advisor, Milken Institute; former US Ambassador to the OECD
Jianwei Dong
CEO, SK Siltron CSS
John Gerzema
CEO, The Harris Poll
Scott Jacobs
Co-Founder and CEO, Generate Capital
Gilman Louie
CEO and Co-Founder, America's Frontier Fund
Tracy Palandjian
CEO and Co-Founder, Social Finance