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Moving the Needle toward Lifetime Financial Security for All

2024 Global Conference

Moving the Needle toward Lifetime Financial Security for All

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Studies reveal that many Americans are not living a financially secure life. Research further indicates marked shortfalls in savings along with lack of any retirement savings on the part of at least 25 percent of workers. Levels of financial education and fluency are tied to financial security. How do we enhance engagement with finance and investing so that all Americans have the financial stability and security to live the American dream? Innovative programs that encourage earners at every level to turn towards finance, serve to educate potential investors, and stand with those who need assistance in developing a financial plan are on the rise. Hear from experts developing creative solutions and others who are considering how to enhance financial knowledge and long-term saving. Join the discussion of ways to ensure that all Americans can build the life they want. 

Cheryl Evans
Director, MI Finance, Milken Institute
Kahlil Byrd
Founder and CEO, Shur
Teresa Ghilarducci
Irene and Bernard L Schwartz Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis, The New School
Alex Rodriguez
Founder and CEO, A-Rod Corp
Adam Roseman
Co-Founder, SteadyIQ
Gerri Walsh
President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation; Senior Vice President, Investor Education, FINRA