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The Promise and Pitfalls of Private Equity

2024 Global Conference

The Promise and Pitfalls of Private Equity

Monday, May 6, 2024
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM PDT

Talk of trouble in the private equity industry is unrelenting. High costs of capital, a gloomy outlook, and a lackluster IPO market have threatened private equity investors’ ability to deliver favorable IRRs and execute transformational investments. Yet some investors have continued quietly toiling away. Poised between worries about buying into a recession, on one hand, and fading recession risks, on the other, capital-constrained environments have created opportunities for those with dry powder to deploy selectively. Faced with the undoubted current market headwinds, who is still deploying dry powder right now? How will managers continue to generate returns for their LPs, deliver value across their portfolios, and navigate structural uncertainty in the years ahead? What core tenets in their investment strategies have they remained steadfast to? 

Mark Thierfelder
Co-Chair and Partner, Dechert
Joe Baratta
Global Head of Private Equity, Blackstone
Anne-Marie Fink
Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets and Funds Alpha, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Patrick Healy
CEO, Hellman & Friedman
Jonathan D. Sokoloff
Managing Partner, Leonard Green & Partners
Pete Stavros
Co-Head, Global Private Equity, KKR