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Revolutionizing Research: Democratizing Clinical Trials

2024 Global Conference

Revolutionizing Research: Democratizing Clinical Trials

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM PDT

The collective clinical research system needs to be thoroughly reconsidered: designed with end users in mind; built to earn trust in research aims and execution; able to maximize the likelihood of engaging the targets—people and communities—stakeholders need to reach. We need to disrupt the paradigm, taking a person-centered, data-driven approach to engage the broadest population of Americans in opportunities to take part in research. New players entering the research enterprise are bringing unique abilities to generate participant and community insights that can influence research objectives, design, and adoption; define, track, and improve participants’ journeys through the research process; measure and drive accountability for outcomes that matter to participants and communities as well as research stakeholders; and reframe research as an opportunity for inclusion rather than a requirement for diversity.

Michelle McMurry-Heath
Founder and CEO, Biotechquity Clinical
Silas Buchanan
CEO, OurHealthyCommunity
Susan Monarez
Deputy Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health
Fabian Sandoval
President and CEO, Emerson Clinical Research Institute
Andrew Trister
Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Verily Life Sciences