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Reshaping Global Digital Innovation Systems

2024 Global Conference

Reshaping Global Digital Innovation Systems

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

The digital revolution is transforming how we communicate, transact, and innovate. AI, blockchain, and cloud are now in our daily lexicons, leading the way in reshaping the foundation of the internet. In the face of continued skeptics, futurists and technologists have stayed the course in both innovation and implementation of new digital infrastructure, creating value for consumers and portfolios. Beyond the obvious, what are the use cases with far-reaching implications for global digital systems and our everyday digital lives? Are we at the threshold of a digital shift that will fundamentally redefine business, financial systems, and the economy at large? What lies in the future of our digital world?

Daniel Gorfine
CEO, Gattaca Horizons
Sri Chandrasekar
Managing Partner, Point72 Ventures
Dennis Gada
Executive Vice President, Infosys
Sandy Kaul
Senior Vice President and Head, Digital Asset and Industry Advisory Services, Franklin Templeton
David Levy
Vice President, World Wide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
Jean-Edouard van Praet
CEO, Brilliance Financial Technology