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Building a Trusted Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

2023 MEA Summit

Building a Trusted Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Thursday, December 7, 2023
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Abu Dhabi Rosewood - Yasmine Ballroom

Ideally, the health-care supply chain should ensure that medicines and medical supplies of the highest quality in the right quantity reach the right patient at the right time. Although the supply chain largely withstood the challenges of recent public health emergencies, many barriers could—and did—disrupt the chain’s functionality. Dis- and misinformation, limited public-private partnerships, lack of trust and transparency, and under-resourced communities impede equal access to medicines medical supplies globally. This session will explore how nontraditional partners can bridge access gaps, how regions can be treated more equitably, what lessons can be learned from just-in-time vs just-in-case operations, and how trust can be built throughout the physical and mental health care supply chain to promote the regulatory transparency that is critical to national security, public health, and safety.

Maggie Switek
Director, Research, Milken Institute
Basel AbouJalala
Senior Vice President and General Director of Emerging Markets, Smith & Nephew
Richard Fattal
Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Zencargo
Danish Munir
Founding Partner, GreyMatter Capital
Samar Nassar
Managing Director, Healthcare, Ministry of Investment, Saudi Arabia