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Rebuilding Trust: Combating Misinformation in the Digital Age

2023 Future of Health Summit

Rebuilding Trust: Combating Misinformation in the Digital Age

Monday, November 6, 2023
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST
Salamander Washington DC - Gallery A

In today's digital landscape, the internet and social media have become primary sources of health information, but misinformation and disinformation pose significant challenges. This panel tackles the critical issue of rebuilding trust in media and combating the spread of falsehoods. How can we equip the public, including the next generation, to identify reliable sources amidst false content, deep fakes, and conflicting opinions? How can health-care professionals, education stakeholders, and community organizations contribute to this effort? What role does the rise of AI and generative language models play, and how can we ensure unbiased and informative public health data sources? Join us as experts examine ways to restore trust in media, promote education and digital literacy, and engage stakeholders in delivering accurate health information.

Omer Awan
Professor and Vice Chair of Education, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Public Health Contributor,
Jon Clifton
CEO, Gallup
Andrew Friedson
Director, Health Economics, Milken Institute
Ellen Patterson
President and Chief Impact Officer, Corporate Impact, EverFi
Reed Tuckson
Former Commissioner of Public Health for The District of Columbia; Co-Founder, Black Coalition Against COVID