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Reframing Aging: Never Past Your Prime

2023 Global Conference

Reframing Aging: Never Past Your Prime

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Wilshire Garden

Research has revealed that the mind, and the images and portrayals we see of ourselves on screen in entertainment and news media, can exert a powerful influence on our aging trajectories. A Harvard study found that adults over 50 with a positive perception of aging had a 43% lower risk of death over a four-year period compared to those who indicated otherwise. In popular culture, however, older adults—especially women who often experience both age and gender stereotyping - continue to be both misrepresented and underrepresented, reinforcing negative attitudes towards aging. Through cutting-edge research driving innovation, diversity in media and marketing, and storytelling-shifting narratives, our panelists will share the power of representation to change how we age.

Diane Ty
Senior Director, Center for the Future of Aging, Milken Institute
Tracy Chadwell
Founding Partner, 1843 Capital
Stacy London
Style Expert and Menopause Advocate
Stacy L. Smith
Founder, USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative 
Jennifer Wong
Director, Wallis Annenberg GenSpace
Charlotte Yeh
Chief Medical Officer, AARP Services, Inc