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Women’s Leadership and the Face of the Modern C-Suite

2023 Global Conference

Women’s Leadership and the Face of the Modern C-Suite

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - California Terrace

As the face of executive management evolves, it is necessary to cultivate innovative workplace systems to meet the diversification of a global modern workforce. The Milken Institute Executive Circle assembles our members with the mission to collaborate on solutions to current challenges that women leaders face in the professional world. We gather, and now seek to apply, insights from this group to promote the elevation of women into prominent positions across sectors and to brainstorm inclusive policies that can be applied in the real world to achieve this goal. Please join select members of the Milken Institute Executive Circle in a conversation focused on the current challenges faced by women in the workplace, the ongoing lack of gender equity in leadership roles across industries, and the innovative solutions driving the promotion of women to top positions within their organizations. 

Katie O'Reilly
Managing Director, Prosek Partners; Senior Advisor, Milken Institute
Cheryl Alston
Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund
John Gerzema
CEO, The Harris Poll
Judith Monroe
President and CEO, CDC Foundation
Sophie Shulman
CEO, Queers Uplifting Queers
Hanneke Smits
CEO, BNY Mellon Investment Management