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Real Estate: In the Eye of the Storm

Real Estate: In the Eye of the Storm

October 19 at 11:30 am PDT/2:30 pm EDT


Few asset classes are more uncertain than real estate in a post-pandemic world. The outlook for commercial real estate seems gloomy as many in the labor force are adjusting to virtual workspaces and social distancing has limited the use of physical storefronts. Residential markets, on the other hand, are torn between an eviction wave and a shift toward work from home.

As before, investors and managers will have to swivel with the trend and reimagine what the new normal may mean for the real estate market at large. Panelists trace some of the more interesting trends in the sector and identify fears that are overplayed. Investors will have an influential voice in pushing for a more sustainable footprint.


Jonathan Goldstein
CEO, Cain International

Richard Mack
Co-Founder and CEO, Mack Real Estate Group

David Warren
CEO, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, DW Partners

Xin Zhang
Co-Founder and CEO, Soho China Ltd.



Carol Massar
Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio