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October 15 at 6:00 am PDT/9:00 am EDT


As debt ratios have continued to rise, credit managers have adapted quickly with opportunistic and dislocation funds. Despite this, however, overall short-term fund performance is forecast to fall. Should investors expect a quick recovery, or is the worst yet to come as defaults accelerate? And what do uncertainty and reduced deal activity mean across ratings and maturities? With the "end of the credit cycle" being declared for months, if not years, how likely are we to see major downturns given the unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus? And is what many describe as the coming "default wave" inevitable?



Glenn August
Founder and CEO, Oak Hill Advisors

Amy McGarrity
Chief Investment Officer, Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association

Don Mullen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pretium

Justin Slatky
Chief Investment Officer, Shenkman



Lisa Abramowicz
Co-Host, Bloomberg Surveillance