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Future of Health Summit 2022

December 6-8, 2022
Future of Health Summit

About the 2022 Future of Health Summit

The Milken Institute Future of Health Summit (FHS) convened the best minds in the world to confront the most significant health challenges by matching human, financial, and scientific resources with the most innovative, inclusive, and impactful ideas.

The pandemic has influenced the way we think about health and pushed health to the forefront of our minds. Now, more than ever, the public is acutely attuned to how the health system works, the impact of health policy, and the importance of scientific discovery and communication. And the larger implications of these changes are more pronounced than ever before, highlighting the connections between physical and mental health, health and the environment, and public health and the health of our economy.

The Future of Health Summit aimed to build upon the profound recent progress and tackle the remaining challenges illuminated by the pandemic. The Future of Health Summit convenes annually to connect the Milken Institute’s catalytic community of changemakers to advance our programmatic work ranging from biomedical research, health equity, and food access to healthy longevity, mental health, and technological innovation. The Summit amplified proprietary research, thought leadership, and policy priorities emerging from the Institute’s Center for Public Health, Center for the Future of Aging, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, and FasterCures.

This year’s three-day Future of Health Summit kicked off with our Partnering for Patients Forum, shining a light on the latest biomedical innovation advances, needs, and ideas generated by and for the patient community. 

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200+ Speakers

200+ speakers discussing trends in mental health and well-being, disease diagnosis, pandemic prevention, patient engagement, diversity in clinical trials, food access and sustainability, biomedical innovation, philanthropic initiatives, health policy, and the investment opportunity landscape.

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750+ Participants

750+ participants, including business leaders, policymakers, philanthropists, patient advocates, health-care workers, global community leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, providers, payers, employers, researchers, and scientists.

When & Where
Tuesday, December 6 - Thursday, December 8, 2022
Salamander Washington DC