Financial Wellness

Center for the Future of Aging

Financial Wellness

We drive change in policies and practices to enable longer and more meaningful work lives, realize the multi-generational potential of the longevity economy, and ensure financially secure and fulfilling retirements.

Work and Productivity

We engage employers to think differently about older workers and intergenerational workforces, and encourage business leaders and investors to understand the demographic shift as an opportunity for economic growth and human capital development.

Retirement Security

To address the expanding retirement gap for retirees and pre-retirees, along with eroding employer support of traditional retirement plans, we work to identify and advance strategies that enhance retirement security.

Long-Term Care Financing

Given the persistent gaps in long-term care funding, we seek to identify new financing models and scalable solutions.

Housing and Community

We promote innovations that scale-up affordable housing options, integrate health-care services, and support intergenerational communities. 

(Program Initiative) Statistics Header

of American workers will be 55-plus by 2024.


Working one year past 65 reduces risk of mortality by 11 percent.


of US adults over 50 have less than $100,000 saved for retirement