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Financial Wellness

Center for the Future of Aging
Financial Wellness
We drive change in policies and practices to enable longer and more meaningful work lives, realize the multi-generational potential of the longevity economy, and ensure financially secure and fulfilling retirements.

Work and Productivity

We engage employers to think differently about older workers and intergenerational workforces and encourage business leaders and investors to understand the demographic shift as an opportunity for economic growth and human capital development.

The Future of Retirement

We challenge convention, innovate, and contribute to a re-imagination of retirement for the benefit of the current generation of older adults and the retirees of the future.

Long-Term Care Financing

Given the persistent gaps in long-term care funding, we seek to advance new financing models and scalable solutions.

Housing and Community

We promote innovations that scale-up affordable housing options, integrate health-care services, and support multigenerational communities. 


of American workers will be 55-plus by 2024.

40% middle-income

baby boomers are financially supporting other family members


of the wealth distribution have a median retirement savings account balance of $0

Has the Pandemic Changed the Future of Retirement?

Center for the Future of Aging Chairman, Paul Irving, explains why he's optimistic in NextAvenue.

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New Approaches to Long-Term Care Access for Middle-Income Households

This report lays out how technology, public-private collaboration, and adapting innovative care models can bridge the gaps in our long-term care system for middle-income Americans.

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Three Trends Shaping the Politics of Aging in America: An Update

Read the article by Center for the Future of Aging's Senior Director, Nora Super, in the Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine

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Housing and Community
This program promotes innovations that scale-up affordable housing options, expand integrated health and home care, and support cross-sector partnerships to finance and deliver solutions for older Americans.
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Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging

Opportunities presented by an aging population will not be fully realized unless business leaders prepare for this unprecedented demographic shift.

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Center for the Future of Aging Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is comprised of the Leadership Council and Academic and Policy Council, a collection of experts and leaders working to ensure society is prepared for an aging population.
Retirement Security in the Wake of COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic has progressed, older adults are increasingly concerned about their retirement savings. Uncertain prospects for stability and work have led to deep anxieties about the future.

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