Center for Financial Markets and COVID-19


Center for Financial Markets and COVID-19

Addressing how to fill the widening gaps for individuals and businesses in low–and moderate–income communities as they battle through the negative economic shock from the coronavirus


The Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets conducts research and outreach and constructs programs designed to facilitate the smooth and efficient operation of financial markets, to help ensure that they are fair and available to those who need them.

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Pre-crisis, the average US household could not withstand a $400 economic shock. The average small business had less than three weeks of cash on hand.


96% of banks in the US have less than $5B in assets, yet this percentage only represents 14 percent of all assets.


Over 70 percent of Ginna Mae issuers are non-depository institutions that lack sufficient capitalization and liquidity to meet advance obligations.

CFM Experts Offer Policy Insights and Proactive Thought Leadership to Mitigate the Short- and Long-Term Effects of the Coronavirus.