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Registration for the 11th annual Asia Summit in Singapore September 18-20 is now open!

Asia Center

What We Do

The Asia Center seeks to help people build meaningful lives by working to expand equitable and inclusive access to capital, healthcare service, education, and employment for people in the Asia-Pacific region.

By the Numbers


The 2020 Best-Performing Cities China index assesses the economic growth and potential of 264 Chinese cities.


Asia leads the world as the fastest growing economic region, as well as the largest continental economy with over 35.24 Trillion GDP


By 2030, Japan will become the world’s first “ultra-aged” nation, with almost a third of the population 65 and older

Future of Work: Insights for 2021 and Beyond

The Future of Work report highlights technology’s increasing impact on the workplace, providing valuable information for policymakers, business leaders, and educational institutions.

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CoRE-Milken Institute Regional Multi-Stakeholder Patient Engagement Roundtable Report

This multi-stakeholder patient engagement roundtable report gathers insights from 63 patient organizations, health policymakers, regulators, industry, and other health-care stakeholders from 16 countries. The key discussion points from the roundtable are summarized in this report and will guide action plans for future research and further engagement with stakeholders.

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