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Investing in and Growing Wealth for Women of Color

Investing in and Growing Wealth for Women of Color

October 18 at 11:30 am PDT/2:30 pm EDT

It's no secret that the US lags among nations in supporting women in financial services, especially fund management. New research from Morningstar showed that the percentage of managers in the US who are women is close to or below the global average of 14 percent. Similarly, market research from Morgan Stanley in 2016 showed that companies that had taken a holistic approach toward equal representation had outperformed their less diverse peers by almost 3 percent since 2008. It's time to identify steps that policy and business leaders in this sector can take to increase representation of women of color—through either hiring or targeted investments in the talent pipeline. This panel will bring together well-known leaders, along with emerging fund managers, to discuss solutions to bridge the gender equity divide, as well as to highlight the missed opportunity of the triple-bottom-line benefits of enhanced representation.


Tiffany McGhee
CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Pivotal Advisors


Noramay Cadena
Managing Partner, Supply Change Capital

Tracy Gray
Founder and Managing Partner, The 22 Fund

Gayle Jennings-O'Byrne
Co-Founder and General Partner, WOCstar Fund

Carmen Palafox
Managing Partner, 2045 ventures

Meme Scherr
Investor, Board Member, and Philanthropist, Plum Alley