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Government Institutions Participating in Global Market Development Training Programs

Global Market Development
Participating Government Institutions

Below is a list of Government Institutions participating in the Global Market Development (GMD) Training Programs, 2016-2022.  

Afghanistan Ministry of Finance

Angola Capital Markets Authority

Angola Ministry of Finance

Azerbaijan Central Bank

Bangladesh Ministry of Finance

Bangladesh SEC

Bank of Central African States

Botswana Stock Exchange

Botswana Central Bank

Botswana Ministry of Finance

Cameroon Ministry of Finance

Cameroon Central Bank

Cote d'Ivoire Ministry of Finance

DRC Central Bank

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Egypt Central Bank

Eswatini Central Bank

Ethiopia Commodities Exchange

Ethiopia Ministry of Finance

Ethiopia National Bank

Gambia Ministry of Finance

Gambia Central Bank

Georgia Ministry of Finance

Ghana Ministry of Finance

Ghana SEC

Haiti Central Bank

India National Stock Exchange

India Reserve Bank

India State Ministry of Finance

Indonesia Financial Services Authority

Kazakhstan AIFC

Kenya Capital Markets Authority

Kenya Central Bank

Liberia Central Bank

Madagascar Central Bank

Malawi Reserve Bank

Mauritania Central Bank

Mongolia Financial Regulator

Mongolia Ministry of Finance

Mozambique Central Bank

Namibia Central Bank

Nigeria Central Bank

Nigeria SEC

Nigeria Stock Exchange

Pakistan SEC

Pakistan State Bank

Philippines Bureau of the Treasury

Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange

Rwanda Capital Markets Authority

Rwanda Central Bank

Rwanda Ministry of Finance

Rwanda Stock Exchange

Saudi Arabia Capital Markets Authority

Senegal Ministry of Economy

Seychelles Central Bank

Sri Lanka Central Bank

Sri Lanka Ministry of Finance

Sudan Central Bank

Tajikistan Central Bank

Tanzania Central Bank

Tanzania Ministry of Finance

Uganda Capital Markets Authority

Uganda Central Bank

Uganda Ministry of Finance

Uzbekistan Central Bank

Uzbekistan Ministry of Finance

Zambia Central Bank

Zambia Ministry of Finance

Zambia SEC

Zimbabwe Ministry of Finance