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Ukraine: Present Perils and Future Prospects

2024 Global Conference

Ukraine: Present Perils and Future Prospects

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

The protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine has precipitated much speculation about what the end of the conflict might look like, when it might come, how long any cessation of hostilities might last, as well as how a post-war Ukraine might recover. This panel of noted experts will assess the current military dynamic, the prospects for a diplomatic breakthrough, US and Western support for Ukraine during and following the war, and the sustainability of any territorial settlement between the two sides. The panel will assess the feasibility of a Ukrainian victory and the prospects of Russian strategic patience outlasting Western commitment. Is a sustainable peace achievable under the current circumstances, and if so, what might it look like? What are the implications of a prolonged conflict for the region and the world at large? How do the actions of global players shape the prospects for an end to this war?

Gideon Rose
Adjunct Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Dmitri Alperovitch
Chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator; Author, "World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the Twenty-First Century"
Bill Browder
CEO and Founder, Hermitage Capital Management; Head, Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign; "Author, Red Notice" and "Freezing Order"
Evelyn Farkas
Executive Director, McCain Institute
Ilya Ponomarev
Chairman, Congress of People's Deputies of Russia
Liev Schreiber
Co-Founder, BlueCheck Ukraine