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Which Innovations Can Spur the Next Economic Revolution?

2024 Global Conference

Which Innovations Can Spur the Next Economic Revolution?

Monday, May 6, 2024
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PDT

Innovation has never taken place in a vacuum: inventors and entrepreneurs have always had patrons and providers of the infrastructure needed to dream up new technologies and bring new products to market. The internet might never have been possible without the Pentagon; DNA was discovered in a Cambridge University lab; and Bell Labs remains famous for the technological advances that it spawned. The sociology of innovation—how we can best arrange people and platforms to encourage breakthroughs—has become a hot topic, examining the ideal role of government, corporate and university spinouts, incentives and rewards, and the other factors needed to spur economic growth in the most efficient, sustainable way. In this panel we bring together innovators, policymakers, public intellectuals, and new organizations to help us understand how genius should best be organized to benefit us all. 

Simon Radford
Director, European Policy and Programming, Milken Institute
Jano Costard
Challenge Officer, SPRIND
Steffi Czerny
Co-Founder and Curator, DLD Conferences
Thomas Fink
Director, London Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Albert Read
Author, "The Imagination Muscle"; Former Managing Director, Conde Nast Britain