Transforming Finance: Tech Is Everywhere

2020 Global Conference

Transforming Finance: Tech Is Everywhere



October 16 at 10:15 am PDT/ 1:15 pm EDT


If the need wasn't clear before this year, the current lockdown has highlighted how important it is for financial institutions to be ahead of technological advancements. With most people using online payments and traders operating remotely rather than from the pit, some emerging trends are attracting close attention. Will banking as a service through APIs increase the gap between larger institutions and community banks? Or will specialization, open finance platforms, and cross-integration allow for alternatives to a one-stop shop? And what changes are to be expected from the traditional FinTechs filing—and being granted—bank charters?



Mohit Joshi
Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys Limited

Melissa Koide
Founder and CEO, FinRegLab; Senior Advisor, Milken Institute

Eli Rosner
Chief Product and Technology Officer, Finastra

Munish Varma
Managing Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers



Matthew Brown
Founder and CEO, CAIS

Published October 16, 2020