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Milken Institute Outlines Major Efforts to Ensure Food Access during Pandemic

News Release
Milken Institute Outlines Major Efforts to Ensure Food Access during Pandemic

COVID-19 Food Response and Policy Inventory summarizes actions being taken by restaurants, food retailers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies  

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2020 – Food insecurity is a growing threat to public health as supply chains and systems are disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Public and private sector leaders are responding with a variety of initiatives to ensure the functioning of food systems, according to the Milken Institute Center for Public Health (CPH).  

These initiatives are being identified, catalogued and shared in a new online resource, the COVID-19 Food Response and Policy Inventory. The database provides an overview of initiatives launched by retailers, restaurants, nonprofits, and others since the outbreak of the pandemic.  

In consultation with food system stakeholders and other organizations, CPH identified a need for a consolidated resource monitoring responses and actions taken around COVID-19. The inventory summarizes programs and information currently in place and serves as a tool to assess the various types and effectiveness of responses. 

"Helping vulnerable populations, providing support to the food industry workforce, and supporting and protecting every link of the vast supply chain is a way to ensure the health of both businesses and the population," said Edward Greissing, CPH executive director. 

The COVID-19 Food Response and Policy Inventory is compiled from publicly available sources, including organizations' websites, food systems media blasts, trade association press releases, government websites, and official company social media accounts. To create an objective inventory, organizations must meet the inclusion criteria outlined for each stakeholder group.   

CPH welcomes input from stakeholders addressing food system challenges. Click here to submit inquiries or share updates.