A Window of Opportunity: Unlocking Indias Potential


A Window of Opportunity: Unlocking Indias Potential



India, currently the G20's fastest-growing economy and the world's second most populous country, is on track to be one of the top three economic powers in the next ten to 15 years. As it rides on the strength of democracy and partnerships, confidence in the emerging superpower is growing but the country faces many challenges capable of hindering its long-run potential.

Topics of discussion include: Will India be able to sustain its future growth and consolidate its position as an economic power? How can India leverage on the rewards of its projected demographic dividend to propel continued growth? How can the government ensure that living standards rise across the board within the country?


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Reuben Abraham, Asia Fellow, Milken Institute; CEO and Senior Fellow, IDFC Institute


Sharad Bajpai, Managing Director, Head of Asset Management, SSG Capital Management

V. Bunty Bohra, CEO, Goldman Sachs Services, India

Vikram Limaye, Managing Director and CEO, National Stock Exchange of India

Ashu Suyash, CEO, CRISIL

Published October 17, 2017