Whats Next in the Hunt for Yield in Credit?


Whats Next in the Hunt for Yield in Credit?



One decade after the global financial crisis and the unprecedented intervention by monetary authorities, the hunt for yield is a feverish demand. As the new Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell continues hiking rates consistently and gradually in response to a growing economy, where are investors seeking returns and minimizing risks across the full spectrum of investment? How should we position investments, given the flattening of the yield curve? Does the world have too much debt? And how can we create structured finance with attractive risk-reward?

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Justin Baer
Senior Special Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Michael Buchanan
Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Western Asset Management Company

Robert Kricheff
Portfolio Manager and Global Strategist, Shenkman Capital

AJ Murphy
Head of Global Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Fred Orlan
Global Head of Fixed Income, Jefferies LLC

Christian Stracke
Managing Director and Global Head of Credit Research, PIMCO

Published June 13, 2018