Whats Happened to the American Dream?


Whats Happened to the American Dream?



James Truslow Adams coined the term "American Dream" in 1931 to describe a life that "should be better and richer and fuller for everyone." An increasing number of Americans now believe the dream is out of reach. Only half of people born in 1980 -- today's 37-year-olds -- make as much money as their parents did, according to a newly developed "Index of the American Dream." We invite you to join us for a discussion of aspirations under pressure.

How should we define the American Dream now, and is it still within reach?
The data behind the dream: Why has it gotten so much harder to achieve our parents' standard of living?
Nobody does it better ... or do they? Is the dream more likely to come true in other nations?

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Shaun Robinson, Television Host; Author; Producer; Philanthropist

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup
Robert H. Dugger, Managing Partner, Hanover Provident Capital LLC; Board Member, Council for a Strong America
Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia, Founder and CEO, PlayWerks, Inc.; Founder, WhizGirls Academy
Yascha Mounk, Author and Lecturer, Harvard University
Will Packer, Emmy Nominated Producer

Published July 12, 2017