Start-up Nations: Creating Laboratories for Developing Economies

Start-up Nations: Creating Laboratories for Developing Economies



Emerging and frontier markets have eclipsed the advanced economies in GDP share and growth, just as the New World surpassed the Old at the end of the 19th century. This structural shift will generate opportunities to accelerate financial inclusion and boost aggregate demand in developing nations by creating a low-carbon, resource-efficient model of growth. This panel will report results from the California-Israel Global Innovation Project and recent applications in Africa, China and India to show how:

New technologies can enable nations to meet sustainable development and climate goals while maintaining food and energy supplies, clean water and good health.
Blended financial products can serve the shared interests of the advanced and developing world to meet the retirement security goals of the advanced economies.

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Glenn Yago, Senior Fellow and Founder, Financial Innovations Labs, Milken Institute; Senior Director, Milken Innovation Center, Jerusalem Institute

Clare Akamanzi, CEO, Rwanda Development Board
Jeremy Bentley, Head of Financial Institutions and Public Sector, Citi Israel
Richard Blum, Chairman, Blum Capital; Founder, Blum Centers for Developing Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Eli Groner, Director General, Prime Minister's Office, Israel
Angela Homsi, Director, Angaza-Africa Impact Innovation Fund
Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Published July 12, 2017