So You Want to Be an eSports Owner

So You Want to Be an eSports Owner



What was it like to be an enterprising baseball team owner in 1869 when the national pastime was just an excuse to spend an afternoon in the park? Or to be at the negotiating table on August 20, 1920, in Canton, Ohio, when the American Professional Football Conference was formed? Imagine the challenges of moving the Lakers to Los Angeles in 1960, when future Hall of Famers Jerry West and Elgin Baylor drove through neighborhoods with loud speakers inviting (begging) Angelenos to come to games at the Sports Arena. Hear esports owners talk about how they are building the newest sports league and the future marketing potential of this dynamic growth industry.

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Stephanie Snowden
Director of Video Strategy, The Ringer

Andy Miller
Co-Founder and CEO, San Francisco Shock and NRG eSports

Shawn Sanford
Senior Director, Lifestyle Marketing, Microsoft

Ari Segal
President and Chief Operating Officer, Immortals

Barney Waters
President, K-Swiss

Noah Whinston
CEO, Immortals

Published July 5, 2018