Right or Left: Who's Best for Freedom?


Right or Left: Who's Best for Freedom?



For conservatives, "freedom" and "liberty" have long been powerful rhetorical ideas. But now, Left-leaning progressives make the argument that they are freedom's true defenders. Their argument is simple: poverty, discrimination and monopoly are among the greatest barriers to freedom, and a government that fights harder against these inequalities brings freedom and liberty to more people. As this struggle continues, conservatives' commitment to freedom from government restriction is increasingly in question, as Right-leaning politicians globally—not just in Washington—voice growing skepticism about the free movement of goods and people across borders. Which side is correct? In a live taping of KCRW's "Left, Right & Center" podcast, thinkers from across the political spectrum will debate who has the best concept of freedom, and who is most committed to delivering it.



Josh Barro

Business Columnist, New York Magazine; Host of Left, Right & Center, KCRW



Kenneth Hersh

President and CEO, George W. Bush Presidential Center


Rich Lowry

Editor-in-Chief, National Review


Gene Sperling

President, Sperling Economic Strategies; Former National Economic Advisor to Presidents Obama and Clinton


Felicia Wong

President and CEO, Roosevelt Institute

Published May 31, 2019