Restarting the Economic Engine

2020 Summer Series

Restarting the Economic Engine



The current crisis has severely hampered entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies—the backbone of the US economy. While government programs have provided a lifeline in some cases, many companies are still looking at months with little to no revenue and mounting expenses.

How can banks and investors support sound companies facing illiquidity while incentivizing new businesses essential for economic growth? And what needs to be done to rebuild trust in public and private institutions and reaffirm our commitment to economic opportunity, inclusivity and justice as facets of the American Dream?


Erik Schatzker, Bloomberg TV


Todd Boehly, CEO, Eldridge Industries

Charles W. Scharf, CEO, Wells Fargo

Kerry Healey, President, Milken Institute’s Center for Advancing the American Dream

David Hunt, CEO, PGIM

Published July 7, 2020