Philanthropy in Transition: Better Ways of Doing Good

Philanthropy in Transition: Better Ways of Doing Good



Philanthropy has seen its own share of transition and disruption. The era of passive, keep-your-fingers-crossed grant making has given way to a whole new crop of savvy social entrepreneurs, big data analysts, creative collaborators, master storytellers, B-corp mavens, and impact investors seeking a world of positive returns. Some of the planet's most creative visionaries will share how they are creating fundamental, long-term change by tackling complex issues using best-in-class technologies and sophisticated financial strategies.


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Melissa Stevens

Executive Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute



Stacey Boyd

CEO, Olivela


Badr Jafar

CEO, Crescent Enterprises; President, Crescent Petroleum


Olivia Leland

Founder and CEO, Co-Impact


Maurice Ostro, OBE, KFO

Chairman, Ostro Minerals and Fayre Share Investments; Founder, Entrepreneurial Giving