Philanthropy and Democracy in the 21st-Century

Philanthropy and Democracy in the 21st-Century



With global populism on the rise, the debate has sharpened over the role of philanthropy in 21st-century democracy. A number of new books have levelled the critique that the philanthropic contributions of a privileged class or a corporate entity often result in their accruing outsized or undue influence that perhaps infringes on civil society. Navigating the role of the individual donor or a responsible corporate citizen may be more challenging than ever before, so individuals and organizations must engage thoughtfully, taking stock of their giving criteria and selection process, as well as the full impact of their contributions.

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LaTese Briggs
Senior Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute



Chuck Harris
Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Blue Meridian Partners


George Pavlov
CEO, Bayshore Global Management


Rob Reich
Author, "Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How it Can Do Better"; Professor, Stanford University


Amy Smith
Chief Giving Officer, TOMS