Perfecting Precision Health: Personalizing Medicine for All

Asia Summit 2019

Perfecting Precision Health: Personalizing Medicine for All




Precision health is dramatically reshaping the landscape of health and care. Well-being regimes, prevention, treatment, payment, and resource allocation can all be increasingly personalized to individual needs and usage. However, privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical concerns have surfaced. How can industry and government collaborate to overcome these challenges? What are the most promising innovations that lie on the horizon? Will precision health technology be accessible to all, not just those with the means to pay? We gather a panel of health and tech entrepreneurs and investors to discuss what is needed to adopt, adapt, and perfect precision health.

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Joseph Mocanu

Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund



Shiho Azuma

CEO, Lily MedTech Inc.


David Berry

General Partner, Flagship Pioneering


Kuldeep Singh Rajput

Founder and CEO, Biofourmis, Inc.


Helmut M. Schuehsler

Chairman and CEO, TVM Capital Healthcare

Published September 29, 2019