Part 2: Shaping the Future of Real Estate

2020 Summer Series

Part 2: Shaping the Future of Real Estate



As homes have become offices, the future of real estate seems uncertain. As always, some business models will thrive, others adapt, and a few will no longer be viable in a new normal. This discussion will cover the trends that are most likely to shape the sector's future and decide investment decisions.

Will corporations embrace a smaller office footprint even when it's safe for all employees to return to the office? What will the mall of the future look like? And what trends are overlooked in the broader discussion? Ultimately, what does the future hold for real estate, both residential and commercial?


Hadley Gamble, Reporter and Anchor, CNBC


Ali Al Mheiri, Executive Director, Real Estate and Infrastructure,

Mubadala Richard Mack, Co-Founder and CEO, Mack Real Estate Group

Joseph Sitt, Chairman and CEO, Thor Equities Group

Published July 10, 2020