The Outperformers: The Case for Emerging Markets

Asia Summit 2019

The Outperformers: The Case for Emerging Markets





There is little argument about the 21st century being defined by the growth of emerging markets. Yet, while these countries continue to grow and develop at an unprecedented rate, investors are timid. Both the persistent tension surrounding global trade and potential backlash from looming downturns in the US and Europe, have caused capital outflows from emerging markets to safe, low-yielding bonds. .What countries are best positioned to weather the current state of uncertainty? How can policymakers encourage foreign investment into their own markets and implement investment safeguards to mitigate sudden capital outflows?

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Julie Hood

Global Deputy Vice Chair, Transaction Advisory Services, EY



Hazem Ben-Gacem

Co-CEO, Investcorp


Ryan Brennan

Managing Director, Advantage Capital Partners


Patrick Edelmann

Managing Director, KBBO Americas


Noor Sweid

General Partner, Global Ventures


Kirk West

Executive Director, International Business and Clients, Principal Global Investors

Published September 28, 2019