Open Exchange: The Future of Money

Asia Summit 2019

Open Exchange: The Future of Money




Massive disruptions to financial payments and cross-border transactions are imminent as non-financial companies employ new technologies and digital currencies to supply financial services to large networks of individuals and businesses. National and international regulators are scrambling to balance the efficiency gains with potential increases in systemic risk as they update supervisory and regulatory frameworks. How will digital and national currencies be used for national and cross-border transactions? How will international banks adapt? What role will national and digital currencies play? Will the US dollar remain the world's reserve currency? What regulatory challenges will emerge? How will national authorities coordinate with non-national financial service providers? Join us as we assess potential ways forward in reshaping global transactions services, payment system design, and national and international regulatory systems.

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William Lee

Chief Economist, Milken Institute



Shamik Dhar

Chief Economist, BNY Mellon Investment Management


Harish Natarajan

Head of Economic Risk, AKE International


Sagar Sarbhai

Head of Regulatory Relations, APAC and Middle East, Ripple


Hyun Song Shin

Economic Advisor and Head of Research, Bank for International Settlements

Published September 29, 2019