A New Breed: FinTechs Fusion with Alternative Investing


A New Breed: FinTechs Fusion with Alternative Investing



The first generation of marketplace lenders was born out of the evolving credit needs of consumers and small businesses. At the same time, current low interest rates pose significant challenges to traditional portfolios, creating a need for alternative solutions to help investors reach their return objectives without taking undue risk. This session will examine the potential for these lenders to produce quality assets that could be used to create "alternative fixed income" solutions.

What is the connection between FinTech and alternative investments?
What role do these new FinTech-enabled solutions play in an overall portfolio?
How do they change the dynamics within an alternative investment allocation?

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Rob Copeland, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Jeff Assaf, Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, ICG
Peter Early, General Manager of Asset Management, SoFi
Brendan Ross, President and CEO, Direct Lending Investments
Richard Sandor, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Chairman and CEO, American Financial Exchange

Published July 12, 2017