Meat and More: The Future of Protein

Meat and More: The Future of Protein



By 2050, the world's population will grow to more than nine billion, and our appetite for protein appears to be growing along with it. As 60 percent of consumers say they are actively trying to add more protein into their diet, traditional protein sources and their supply chains are not equipped to handle the ballooning demand in a sustainable way. This conversation among leading CEOs, investors, and academics will explore scaling challenges, ever-evolving consumer demands, and the benefits that alternative proteins can provide to the consumer, the environment, and public health.

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Kathleen Merrigan
Executive Director of Sustainability, George Washington University; Former Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ethan Brown
Founder and CEO, Beyond Meat

Tom Hayes
President and CEO, Tyson Foods

Ashley Koff
CEO, The Better Nutrition Program

Uma Valeti
CEO and Co-Founder, Memphis Meats

Published July 5, 2018